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Efflorescence Solutions

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Efflorescence in your basement is a sign that there are leaks and dampness that need to be addressed. While this is not toxic, it does hide a much bigger problem. It can indicate that water is leaking into your home’s foundation, and this can lead to major problems that impact your home’s structural integrity.

What is Efflorescence?

Efflorescence is the crystalline deposits that can be seen in white or greyish spots and outlines. These are salt deposits left behind by water after it evaporates. This chalk-like substance can happen on stucco, concrete, and on masonry. When this is seen in basement walls, this can indicate a moisture problem.

Why is Efflorescence Present in Your Basement?

The recipe for basement wall efflorescence is very specific. It has to have three main ingredients for it to exist: salt, an entry point, and a source of water. More often than not, the water source of this problem usually comes from the outside. This can be rainwater, groundwater, or some other type of water that finds its way to your basement foundation, with hydrostatic pressure pushing it against your basement walls and creating efflorescence.

How Can You Stop Efflorescence?

While you can easily wipe off the crystalline formations on your basement walls, the damage to your home cannot simply be wiped away. The fact that you have a damp basement indicates a bigger problem, and this is something that can only be handled by professionals. To help address the problem of a damp basement, and to prevent the continued seepage of water into your basement’s foundation, waterproofing should be considered.

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Don’t wait for the problem to escalate into a flooded basement or, even worse, structural degradation. Contact Mount Valley Foundation Services online or give us a call at 803-220-3550 to have your basement in the Greater Charleston, SC area checked for efflorescence and the need for basement waterproofing. Our team of professionals will devise a solution for your efflorescence problems, creating a sound plan for waterproofing that will prevent further damage.

Possibilities include dehumidification and other basement waterproofing options. Call today to schedule your free inspection and estimate.

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