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Drainage Systems

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To effectively keep your home dry and comfortable, your drains should always be in good working order. Areas like the basement and roof are dependent on drainage systems because they can quickly collect water. Some drainage systems end up being too short to consistently expel water from your home, resulting in ineffective and incomplete draining. Excess moisture can gradually turn into secondary water damage, and forgetting to monitor the moisture levels in your home can lead to leaks, mold and mildew infestation, noxious odors, wood rotting, and the like.

Basement Drainage Solutions

When you have a wet basement with excess water and moisture, it can wreak havoc on the comfort and the structural integrity of your entire home. If you have water collecting in the basement, you have to have the water removed and directed away from your home. One solution for your wet basement issues is to have a French Drain installed by Mount Valley Foundation Services.

An interior French drain is typically installed along the perimeter of the basement walls and works by channeling water that gets into your basement to a sump a pump system that pumps the water out and away from the structure of your home. It’s important to make sure you don’t have a wet basement problem because it can cause major structural issues – as well as wet drywall, mold growth, soaked carpets, concrete spalling, an uncomfortable humid indoor environment and high electric bills.

BasementGutter™ French Drain System

One of the best solutions for your wet basement problems is the BasementGutter™ French Drain System – a durable perimeter basement waterproofing system, perfect for water circumvention.

This interior sub-floor drainage system consists of pipes designed to collect water at the wall and floor joint where basement flooding is most common. It also captures water from the walls and redirects it away from the interior before water can ever reach the floor. With a BasementGutter™ French Drain System and sump pump system installed, you can guarantee that your basement has the highest level of protection.

The BasementGutter™ French Drain System has a flexible design so it can be modified to fit any basement foundation and its water-capturing properties make it an extremely efficient product. The installation process is easy and non-invasive, plus it’s more affordable than exterior installations.

BasementGutter™ French Drain Benefits include:

  • Captures water and seepage at the wall and floor joint
  • Installed below the basement floor so you never have to see it
  • Designed to prevent clogging
  • Cheaper than exterior solutions
  • 20-year warranty
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