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Basements have been known to many as dark and damp places, and in most cases, it is. Your basement does not have to fit this mold and you can do something to stop it from being too damp and humid. A humid environment is a perfect place for mold, mildew, and bacteria to grow in, and you would not want that for your basement.

The solution to such a problem is the installation of a dehumidifier. Dehumidification will help you keep humidity and dampness in check, giving you a basement that is free from the moisture that can bring about pesky molds and mildew. You can say goodbye to the dampness that basements are usually stuck with by having Mount Valley Foundation Services install a dehumidifier for you.

How a Dehumidifier Works

Dehumidifiers work the same way an AC unit does, to suck the moist air into a unit that cools the air via coils that cool down the warm, moist air. When the humid air is cooled, it creates condensation which is disposed of via a drain underneath the unit as it trickles down via tubes. The air is then blown back out, slightly cooled but without any of the moisture it had coming into the dehumidifier.

This cycle that runs in a dehumidifier keeps your basement free from moist air, which in turn helps keep the problem of mold, mildew, and bacteria that thrive in such environments at bay. It also helps keep your basement from smelling musty and anything you put in it stays safe and dry.

Dehumidifier Installation by Mount Valley Foundation Services

You can get a lot of good use from your basement when you decide to install a dehumidifier in it that helps keep the air in such a space from being humid and moist. If you want to install a dehumidifier in your basement in Charleston, SC, Mount Valley Foundation Services is the company to call. Our basement waterproofing services include dehumidification alongside other services we offer such as the installation of drainage systems and sump pump installation.

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