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Mount Valley Foundation Services is a BBB Accredited Foundation Contractor in Columbia, SC

Testimonial From Rosmarie W. In White Rock. SC

Thank you for the outstanding job your crews did on stabilizing our home at [address omitted]. Your employees were very professional.

Starting with Roger Britton who patiently explained the procedure for doing the work, why he recommended each pier, and spoke with confidence and understanding as he knew I needed guidance because my husband was ill and died eight days prior to work being done. I am sure Roger is not aware of my husband’s death. However, he is to be commended for his patience with me.

The two crews you sent to work on our house did an outstanding job in my opinion. They were so curteous, worked through showers of rain and truly gave your company a hard day’s work. Because of the rain, they tracked some mud on our driveway but took their water hose and washed the driveway prior to leaving. When they left, no one would have known they had been here workind due to the oustanding job they did with clean up.

Those two crews need to be commended because I walked with them every step of the way that day. I had never seen a house being jacked and stabilized before and I asked a million questions. They never acted as if they were aggravated with me and patiently answered every question.

I have already had people that saw your Mount Valley trucks in my driveway ask how I liked your work. I was pleased to tell them, “I think they did a very good job.”

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