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Mount Valley Foundation Services is a BBB Accredited Foundation Contractor in Columbia, SC

Job completed for Jean M.

Completion date:
June 6, 2017
Chapin, SC

Why did the customer contact us?

Jean M. contacted Mount Valley Foundation Services because she began noticing interior wall cracks around her windows. Window cracks are a telltale sign of foundation settlement, due to the soil shifting underneath your home’s foundation.

Solutions provided:

Mount Valley Foundation Services installed 24 IntelliJacks™ and 6 push piers to stabilize this customer’s home. IntelliJacks™ effectively support sagging beams and floor joists. Push piers not only stop settlement but lift the foundation back to its original position, closing cracks and improving window and door operation.
Expansive soils, like clay soil, experience the most dramatic changes when there’s too much moisture.
Before - Support columns and floor joists are designed to hold up the weight of your home.
After - IntelliJacks can be installed in tight spaces and don’t require heavy machinery which can damage your property.

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